Stump Grinder 25hp

Well balanced, easy-to-operate and simple to maintain, the SGR-13 turns stumps into mulch without breaking a sweat. With the exclusive cutting wheel with easily replaceable grinder teeth, the SGR-13 offers the smoothest cutting experience of any walk-behind grinder on the market ermeer has expanded its stump cutter lineup offering increased options for the customer.

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  • Length 94″
  • Width 35″
  • Height 49″
  • Weight 1550lbs
  • Engine 2 cyclinder 25hp
  • Gasoline
  • Cutterwheel Diameter without teeth 16″
  • Cutterwheel thickness .5″
  • Number of Teeth 16
  • Cutterwheel Guard
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity 9 gal
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 6.8 gal