485A Backhoe

  • Controls are located on the tower, which allows easier access to the operator station
  • A curved power boom gives you a better view of the digging area
  • Seat-locking mechanism keeps the seat out of the way when the backhoe is not in use
  • Sturdy grab handle on the control tower ensures ease of entering and exiting the tractor


To ensure optimum performance, the tractor’s hydraulic flow and increased system pressure are matched with the backhoe’s system enhancing the digging force and overall performance.

This backhoe has several features that make it best in class when put on the proper tractors.

Key features include:

  • Valve spools have machined-metering grooves to allow smooth operation and precise control of several functions
  • Improved feel and feathering capabilities
  • Strong subframe to ensure the tractor frame can handle the forces created from digging and transporting
  • Buckets are state of the art, designed for optimum productivity; Buckets available in 9-, 12-, 16-, 20-, 24-, and 18- heavy-duty
  • Custom thumb allows movement of large and/or uneven shaped objects
  • Mid-mount mower compatibility
  • 3-point hitch arms can remain on the tractor when backhoe is installed