Mini Excavator 301.7DCR

The CAT 301.7D CR gives you a blend of power, control and stability to make your working day easier and more productive. With a maximum dig depth of 8’2″ and dump height of 8’5″ the 301.7DCR mini excavator is ideal for digging in hard to reach areas.

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  • Weight (No Bucket, Diesel Engine) 3726 lbs
  • Bucket Sizes Available
  • Height 7ft 9in
  • Width 4ft 3in extended, 3ft retracted tracks
  • Transport Length 11ft 9in
  • Maximum Dig Depth 8ft 2in
  • Maximum Vertical Dig Depth 5ft 2in
  • Maximum Dump Height 8ft 5in
  • Maximum reach at ground level 12ft 7in